New Ramp

A new ramp built in 2017 for a friend of Danny's Team.

All Terrain Wheelchair

Denis demonstrates his new all terrain wheelchair to a friend. The chair purchased with the help of Danny’s Team will enable Denis to hunt and fish in the NH woods.

A New Serger

Paula, a volunteer at Echo Thrift Shop, gets experience using the new serger purchased by Danny’s Team. Volunteers turn t-shirts into bags, skirts, scarfs and more. The serger will allow them to make better seams than possible on a regular sewing machine.

A New Laptop

Melissa received a new laptop with the help of Danny’s Team. This will assist her in her studies and personal development.

Adaptive Tandem Bicycle

Nancy and Anika are shown testing out the new adaptive tandem bicycle at Newmarket Elementary School, which was purchased with help from Danny’s Team.

Melissa's Custom Ramp

This custom ramp designed by board member Doug Ewing and built by Danny’s Team volunteers helps Melissa easily access her home.

Friends in Action

Danny’s Team is helping Friends in Action embark on a new venture partnering with Echo Thrift Store, part of the Community Church of Durham.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts for Kevin’s kids donated with the help of Danny’s Team.

Yard Enclosure

In the early Fall of 2014, volunteers for Danny’s Team installed a yard enclosure enabling a Loudon man with a disability to provide a home for a rescue dog named Alpine.

Stair Lift

Mark Ewing makes final checks on the stairlift then Rita takes its maiden voyage.

Ramp for Don

A team of Danny’s Team volunteers headed by Doug Ewing fabricated and installed this ramp which enables Don to access his new home.

Northeast Passage Donation

A check to the local non-profit Northeast Passage was donated in celebration of 25 years of providing services to people with disabilities.

Camp Allen Scholarship

In February on 2013, a camp scholarship to Camp Allen in Bedford, NH was presented to a young woman in need. The camp is well known for its work for young folks with disabilities.

  • An all terrain wheelchair was purchased with the help of Danny’s Team to enable a man to hunt and fish in the NH woods.
  • A new serger was purchased for Echo Thrift Shop by Danny’s Team. Volunteers turn t-shirts into bags, skirts, scarfs and more. The serger will allow them to make better seams than possible on a regular sewing machine.
  • A new laptop was purchased for a woman with the help of Danny’s Team. This will assist her in her studies and personal development.
  • An adaptive tandem bicycle was purchased with help from Danny’s Team.
  • A custom ramp designed by board member Doug Ewing and built by Danny’s Team volunteers helps a woman easily access her home.
  • Danny’s Team helps Friends in Action to embark on a new venture partnering with Echo Thrift Store, part of the Community Church of Durham.
  • Danny’s Team donates Christmas gifts for families in need.
  • In the early Fall of 2014, volunteers for Danny’s Team installed a yard enclosure enabling a Loudon man with a disability to provide a home for a rescue dog named Alpine.
  • Danny’s Team purchased and installed a stairlift for a woman in need.
  • A team of Danny’s Team volunteers headed by Doug Ewing fabricated and installed a ramp to enables a man to access his new home.
  • A check to the local non-profit Northeast Passage was donated in celebration of 25 years of providing services to people with disabilities.
  • In February on 2013, a camp scholarship to Camp Allen in Bedford, NH was presented to a young woman in need. The camp is well known for its work for young folks with disabilities.
  • Delivered a ramp to a dad in Bow, NH to provide access to his home when his disabled son visits.
  • Helped in funding Campus Compact which provides grant money to regional colleges for service projects involving students working with people having disabilities.
  • Partially funded a Vista position to support a “Caring Cupboard” initiative to deliver free food to the elderly and people with disabilities in southern NH.
  • Provided funds for special equipment for kids with disabilities in the Newmarket NH, School System.
  • Contributed to the promotion of the film “Lost in Laconia”, a documentary on the Laconia State School. This documentary traces the history of the institution from its initial beginnings as the New Hampshire School for the Feebleminded in early 1900 until its closure in 1991.
  • Joined with a NH non-profit to purchase clothing for a young man with a developmental disability whose family is financially unable to meet the need.
  • Provided 7 summer camp scholarships for children with disabilities to attend summer camps in NH.
  • Funded the building of a residential ramp for a disabled person as part of the Rebuilding Together Projects in Haverhill, MA.
  • Purchased a lap-top computer for a young man with Cerebral Palsey to assist him in his development.
  • Provided seed funding for a pool elevator at the Greater Manchester YMCA in order to accommodate the needs of their disabled clientele.
  • Donated funds to the Community Service Council of NH to be used toward community projects.
  • Funded Campas de Nicaragua to assist them in many community outreach programs/projects.
  • Assisted in the upgrade of a meeting room for disadvantaged students at Newmarket High School.
  • Funded the Danny’s Team Satellite Program in Kenya, Africa to help in community outreach activities.

In 2008 Danny’s Team accomplished 28 service projects and 3 fundraisers. Since late 1980’s Danny’s Team has been involved in a grand total of 394 projects that include 92 fundraisers and 302 acts of service.

  • Golf Tournament. This annual event was renamed the Nick and Rick tournament to honor Rick Compagna, a long time chair of the golf tourney committee and Danny’s Team board member who died early this year of cancer. A portrait of Rick and young Danny painted by a DT board member was presented to Rick’s wife and family at the event which was among the most successful in its 19 year history.
  • Ramps for Accessibility. We built a ramp for a Lebanon, NH woman who lost her leg to cancer and in partnership with the Rebuilding Together Program erected a prefab ramp and provided a wheelchair for a woman in Haverhill, NH who has a disability.
  • Amnesty International. We sent out over 100 letters to support prisoners of conscience and others unjustly persecuted throughout the world.
  • UNH International Students. We provided roundtrip tickets to two UNH students to visit their homelands which they were forced to leave because of violence. The tickets were for a young man who was a former street kid in Ethiopia and a young woman who was a survivor of the Rwandan genocide.
  • Newmarket Children. We provided scholarships for summer camp to children with disabilities and who are low income.
  • Africa Satellite. We provided our annual donation to our satellite in Kenya and we are supporting a service trip for 2 volunteers to go to Kenya and 11 to Tanzania at the end of this year.
  • Nicaragua Satellite. We made our annual donation to support the Women In Action cooperative in Managua, and provided funds to support the 6-member service trip there this summer and the WIA dance tour this fall.
  • NHPTV auction. Provided a crew to help take donor call for the annual Channel 11 auction.
  • Coraj. We helped re-start this UNH student volunteer led service group to help New Hampshire refugees with their citizenship applications by providing volunteer time and a financial donation.
  • Friends Forever. In partnership with the Browne Center, we hosted two groups of teens from the conflicted areas of Northern Ireland and Israel for teambuilding sessions at UNH’s Browne Center.
  • Browne Center Community Volunteer Day. Provided volunteer labor in appreciation for the support the BC provides to Danny’s Team.
  • Asylum Seeker. We gave medical support for an English woman who was paralyzed by her violent husband and is seeking asylum in NH.
  • Cornucopia. We provided Easter baskets and helped deliver them to families in need in Durham and Dover, NH.
  • Waysmeet Center. We gave financial assistance to aid in the fund raising efforts of United Campus Ministry in Durham, NH. UCM has partnered closely with Danny’s Team in providing service to a variety of worthy individuals over several years.
  • Dental. We provided funding and transportation to a young woman for dentures.
  • Zack Fund. We aided this northern NH community support organization for individuals with disabilities by providing a per person donation for those involved in setting a new Guinness Book record for their continuous wheel chair roll event and we participated in the event.
  • Caregivers. We gave money to help a food pantry to aid the elderly in Manchester, NH.
  • Fundraisers. We brought in needed financial support through our annual appeal for donations and through sale of donated items from a commercial photographer.
  • City Year. We helped pay funeral expenses for the mother of a Rochester, NH City Year Volunteer.
  • Bringing Girls to School. We sponsored two young girls in Mauritania to attend school as part of the Bringing Girls To School Program in this African Country where women are not sufficiently supported to attend school.

This year we did 25 service projects and 8 fundraisers. Since we began in the late 1980’s we have been involved in a grand total of 363 projects that include 89 fundraisers and 275 acts of service. We have looked for some small answers to some big problems. We must keep looking.

  • Sent approximately 278 letters in support of victims identified by Amnesty Freedom Writers Campaign
  • Completed installation of a stair lift for a young girl with a disability in Lowell, MA
  • Established the Churchard Educational Fund within Danny’s Team to provide additional education initiatives
  • Made improvements to the DT website
  • Bought school supplies to aid a Peace Corps volunteer in Cape Verde
  • Provided half a year’s salary for a teacher of street kids in Afghanistan
  • Installed a ramp and did yard work for a Haverhill, MA man who has MD and lives with his mother who is a stroke victim.
  • Sponsored two kids in Romania to attend an adventure camp
  • Provided a crew of people to help with NHPTV’s annual auction
  • Helped create a school in an impoverished neighborhood in Haiti.
  • Did a presentation for NH Governor’s Annual Conference on Volunteerism
  • Paid for an English as a Second Language Course to prepare an African refugee student for college enrollment in Manchester, NH.
  • Continued financial support of our satellite program in Nicaragua and sent a Danny’s Team delegation of 11 people to Managua Nicaragua for a week’s work with a cooperative of impoverished women building chicken coops, helping sell their gourd art and provide micro-loans to help them educate their children and pull themselves up from poverty.
  • Helped support a musician working in a remote area of Labrador with Native Americans to help reduce drug usage among the young in their village.
  • Provided support for five different refugees in New Hampshire through CORAJ a UNH group that aids in their citizenship applications
  • Helped Friends Forever provide another teambuilding day for a group of Northern Irish teens in collaboration with the UNH Browne Center
  • Continued our support of the Danny’s Team satellite program in Kenya with a donation to support work with children affected by the AIDS epidemic and an “Out of the Blue” award to help support Rose, a Kenyan woman volunteering for Danny’s Team who has 3 children of her own and is infected with HIV herself.
  • Made modest financial donations to the following groups – Nashua, NH Mission to serve the homeless; Boston based I-Abolish to combat slavery in the world; Newmarket NH’s Rain in the Sahel for work in Niger the second poorest country in the world; support for a library in rural Tanzania; Stephen Siller “Let Us Do Good For Children” foundation in New York City.
  • Ran the following fundraisers – 18th Annual Nick Zyla Memorial fundraiser, Our fourth Annual Letter Writing Appeal for donations, a presentation on Danny’s Team’s history at Goddard College, a service oriented team building workshop in New York and challenge course fundraisers for UNH classes, the UNH Women’s hockey team and the Harvard men’s hockey team.
  • Supported a non-profit group that provides help for local disadvantaged youth in the Newmarket, NH schools.
  • Offered some emergency relief for victims of resurging violence in the Goma area of the Congo
  • Gave financial support to an alcohol prevention program for teens in Manchester, NH
  • Continued academic sponsorship of a girl in Mauritania as part of the Bringing Girls to School program
  • Helped pay the medical bills for a graduate student known for his activist work to benefit residents in UNH’s family housing units
  • Installed a ramp for an elderly woman in northeastern Massachusetts who could not otherwise leave her house
  • Aided two UNH foreign students to return home to Africa for a visit after several years separated from their communities – a young man who had been a street kid in Ethiopia and a young woman who witnessed her brother killed in Rwanda and was one of the few family members to survive genocide there
  • Helped provide a weekend of R&R for a military man and his friends serving in Iraq
  • Last year we helped a woman do volunteer work at an AIDS orphanage in Tanzania. Again this year we helped pay her expenses for another month’s visit to the orphanage over the holidays
  • Donated items and delivered Christmas food baskets for the poor as part of Cornucopia project for low income families in the Durham, NH area

We were involved in 36 service projects and 6 fundraisers. We’re not just getting older, we’re getting better. And we can still light a room. These are the things we did:

We made presentations at:

  • The UNH Martin Luther King Day celebration
  • The Warner, NH International Festival with three of the Simwerayi boys – Steven, Adelard and Gaylord
  • The Community Service and Leadership program of the UNH Thompson School
  • The UNH Socratic Society
  • Jim Varn’s Leadership Class at UNH
  • The ”Ladies Left of Center” group in New London, NH

As part of Amnesty International’s Freedom Writers program we wrote over 275 letters on behalf of prisoners unfairly jailed in countries around the world and in the United States

We gave financial donations:

  • To the “Congo Women of America Emergency’ fund to aid people undergoing torture and genocide in the Congo
  • To “Rain in the Sahara” for Niger, to help provide assistance to people living in officially the poorest country in the world.
  • To help procure medical insurance for a disadvantaged UNH student,
  • To the Alstead, NH Flood relief,
  • To “Bread and Jam”, a homeless project in Cambridge MA
  • To a NH woman with severe learning disabilities to help her learn to read
  • To sponsor a young man from western NH to attend the annual little people’s conference.
  • To the “Flames of Hope” emergency fund of the UNH Campus Ministries

We provided scholarships to send two girls to elementary school in Mauritania as part of the “Bringing Girls to School Project” and to send one boy to grade school in Nicaragua as part of the “Women In Action’s” effort to educate their children

In conjunction with Friends Forever and the Browne Center, we ran two teambuilding sessions for groups of teens from both sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland and Jerusalem.

We made loans:

  • To enable a woman who was born in Iraq and her family to visit her mother in the Middle East whom she had not seen in 12 years
  • To help pay the cost of the funeral for a Thai woman who died suddenly and tragically
  • To help a cooperative of organic cocoa growers in Dominican pull themselves from poverty

We ran several fundraisers including:

  • Our Annual Nick Zyla Memorial Golf Tournament
  • A newsletter and mailing campaign
  • Ropes Course Programs for the UNH Men’s Hockey Team and four UNH classes
  • The annual Craig Werth concert at the Waysmeet Center

We provided and served a meal for the Families First program for families in transition in Portsmouth, NH.

We fielded donor calls one night for New Hampshire Public Television

We helped reunite a second family from the Congo by providing for the cost of their airfare from Africa and the furnishing of a five-room apartment in Manchester, NH with donations from three states delivered over a five-day period by volunteer drivers

We funded and did repairs to a home in Barrington, NH, which included installation of a water purification system for a single mother in Barrington with three children, one of whom uses a wheelchair.

We built a new porch and installed a donated lift for a family in Medford, MA who has a daughter who uses a wheelchair.

We sponsored a conference called “Circles of Trust” in Jaffrey, NH aimed at helping people sort out for themselves the difficult issues that are causing inner turmoil in today’s society

As part of the annual Rebuilding Together program we expanded our services this year and provided funding and volunteers for two projects – Installation of a ramp, house repairs and yard work for a man with a severe disability in Merrimack, MA and house repairs for an elderly woman in Manchester, NH.

We provided a Christmas food basket for a disadvantaged family in Durham, NH with the help of the Waysmeet Center.

We purchased a portable dental clinic kit for a NH dentist to provide volunteer dental services in Nicaragua.

Danny’s Team Kenya Satellite: While still focusing on western Kenya , the members supported a number of aids orphans with their day-to-day needs. They focused mainly on proper diet, ensuring that they got proper medication and they also supported them with the relevant schooling requirements. They also organized recreational activities such as soccer matches where they would educate the community to this pandemic. On several occasions they supported needy women (who are the backbone of the agricultural economy) by buying better seeds and fertilizer for them in order to improve on the yield of their farm produce. Finally, to those who could not get access to fresh clean water for domestic use (i.e. the sick and the very old) they would transport water to them from the already existing water tanks that Danny’s Team built last year and that the local people refer to as “The Dannys”.

Nicaragua Satellite. We sent a delegation of four to Managua, Nicaragua for a week to work with an impoverished women’s cooperative called “Women In Action” We worked on three services projects and funded a fourth, the construction of chicken coops, which was completed later. We were so moved by the spirit and determination of these women that we made them a Danny’s Team satellite. In addition to selling some of their organic coffee, donating multiple pairs of sneakers, many school supplies and sending 3 laptop computers, our first satellite financial donation went to start their micro-lending program.

  • We sent over 280 letters on behalf of people unjustly harassed, captured, tortured or imprisoned around the world and here in the US as part of Amnesty International’s Freedom Writers program. We were informed that among those we tried to help, prisoners in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia were freed, a Chinese prisoner’s sentence was reduced by one year, and a death row inmate in Texas was granted a stay of execution.
  • We supported a group called “On Belay” which runs programs for children who have a parent with cancer in southern New Hampshire.
  • We made a presentation on Courage to a college class and received a donation to Danny’s Team.
  • A woman in Georgetown, Massachusetts uses a wheelchair and was confined to her home until we built the longest ramp we have ever built in order to make her home accessible.
  • We put on a conference in collaboration with UNH’s Community Service and Leadership Program on the theme of “Giving Back”. Over 80 people attended to hear Keynote addresses on the topic of keeping hope alive in a troubled world and to attend 9 sessions focused on ways to make a difference in the world.
  • We made donations ranging from $100 to $2600 for the following: to start a homeless shelter in Nashua, NH; to help someone with cancer who had supported our golf tournament for years; to a fund in memory of Paul Jalbert who helped make our golf tournament a success; to support Peace Corps volunteers, Joe Blotnick and his wife Jill, as they help reconstruct their village in the Dominican after this year’s devastating hurricanes; to support the American Anti-Slavery Group to help abolish slavery in the world; to the Teaching Peace Institute to promote teaching peace in schools; to a fund to help the Lost Boys of the Sudan; to help a New Hampshire family whose house burned down; to support a youth group to build several ramps for people with disabilities in the Rochester, NH area; to the Next Step organization offering programs for young adults with life threatening diseases and to UNH’s United Campus Ministry to help provide a variety of programs aimed at student social activism.
  • At New Hampshire Public Television studios we took donor phone calls as part of their fund drive.
  • We initiated our first ever letter campaign to raise money for Danny’s Team.
  • We revamped our Danny’s Team website –
  • In collaboration with Friends Forever and the Browne Center, we ran a two day program at the Browne Center to build friendships between an Arab & Jewish youth group from the two sides of the conflict in Jerusalem.
  • We located an electronic lift donated by Donna and Richard Cilley, refurbished it and will install it next spring in Medford, MA to make a house accessible for a family with an 8 year old child who is disabled and has AIDS.
  • We published an article in Hope Magazine and provided either subscriptions or copies of the issue to over 150 people in an effort to help the magazine survive.
  • To support the Families First organization in Portsmouth, NH we provided and served meals for forty people on three occasions during the year.
  • We volunteered five days at the Browne Center challenge course for classes taught by Tim Churchard at UNH in return for a donation to Danny’s Team.
  • We sponsored a child to attend elementary school as well as hosted a dance performance from Women in Action, a women’s cooperative focused on elevating themselves from poverty in one of the poorest neighborhoods of one of the poorest cities in the world, Managua, Nicaragua.
  • We ran our annual bike ride fund raiser from a new location this year, beginning at the Browne Center and traveling the rural areas around Newmarket and Durham.
  • Our 15th Annual Nick Zyla Memorial Golf tournament raised the second highest total donation to Danny’s Team in its history.
  • We made a presentation on the history of Danny’s Team at the New Hampshire Institute for Disabilities’ annual conference and received a donation to Danny’s Team.
  • We participated with City Year in running the annual “Reach the Beach” fund raising event for charity.
  • We made a donation and put on a dinner to support removal of landmines around the world as part of the “Night of a Thousand Dinners”.
  • We helped support a concert that Voices From the Heart women’s singing group put on to raise money for the Friends Forever organization.
  • We continued to sponsor two young girls living in poverty in Mauritania, Africa to attend grade school in a country where women face extreme discrimination in education.
  • We organized and sold a gift of sports equipment from Skip Chabot and Bowdoin Construction as a fundraiser for Danny’s Team.
  • We continued to support our Danny’s Team satellite in Kenya which this year has chosen to focus on efforts in rural Kenya to fight the AIDS epidemic which is ravaging Africa.
  • We helped relocate and reunite a wonderful family from the Congo here in Manchester, New Hampshire after a long struggle with separation, danger and difficulty.
  • We planted an “Elizabeth Magnolia” tree in memory of Pamela, the mother of one or our board members. Pamela is known for the life she lived and the good things she did in Kenya.
  • Sent approximately 384 letters in connection with Amnesty International’s “Freedom Writers” campaign to benefit prisoners of conscience and individuals harassed and tortured for their beliefs and non-violent actions.
  • Took pledge calls and made donation to New Hampshire Public Television fund raising campaign on three occasions.
  • Helped fund a child from the Alstead, NH area to attend a three day summer health institute to aid in dealing with his health condition.
  • Sponsored City Year volunteers to run a National Youth Service Day in Nashua, NH in which 189 youth worked on a variety of communication projects from painting a homeless shelter, to collecting 95 bags of garbage from the streets, to spreading 8000 square feet of mulch.
  • Paid the salary for a camp counselor to work with campers with developmental disabilities at Camp Waban in Sanford, Maine throughout the summer.
  • Sent three people to a the three day Hope Conference in Boston in June who designed and delivered a session to pass on what they learned to DT membership.
  • Sponsored two Mauritanian girls to attend private grade school as part of the “Bringing Girls to School” program. Bought each of the 40 plus students their own book, for many the first in their lives.
  • Made improvements to a library and paid a part time librarian’s salary for a year in Kiffa, a small town in the Sahara Desert.
  • Partially funded and built a ramp for an elderly woman with a disability as part of the Christmas in April project in Haverhill, MA.
  • As part of our Unsolicited Benefactor Program, provided a surprise bit of house painting, shrub planting and other services for a heroine of Danny’s Team who helped get us started. Recently had her first baby.
  • Paid the costs for a Kenyan single mother and graduate student at UNH to have her children and mother flown from Africa to be reunited with her here.
  • Helped sponsor twins with learning disabilities to attend Cardigan Mt. School summer program.
  • Ran the 14 annual Nick Zyla golf tournament, Danny’s Team’s largest annual fundraiser and the most successful tourney yet.
  • Helped provide dinners on four different occasions for homeless and families in transition as part of the Portsmouth, NH “Families First” program.
  • Provided labor to build a ramp to make accessible a building in Pentucket.
  • Ran a one day “teenbuilding” program to build alliances between an Arab and Jewish youth group from Jerusalem.
  • Hosted a celebration for the Kenya family we helped reunite complete with live music, poetry, and a Kenyan feast at South Church in Portsmouth, NH.
  • Ran an organizational development workshop for the Project Adventure staff as a Danny’s Team fund-raiser.
  • Provided a one day teambuilding program for City Year youth volunteers.
  • Made a donation to Children’s Hospital Pacemaker Camp; we have provided volunteers for this camp for the past two years.
  • Did a presentation on Courage for a College For Lifelong Learning class as a DT fund-raiser.
  • Conducted a one day team building program for the UNH Women’s Hockey team as DT fund raiser.
  • Made a donation to the Stephen Siller Foundation. Siller was an off duty firefighter who died rescuing people in the twin towers on 911 and funds go to help orphaned children in New York City.
  • Spoke in Victor Messier’s UNH class on child advocacy and received a donation to Danny’s Team.
  • Made a donation to AIDS Response Seacoast in Portsmouth, NH.
  • Ran a one day “teenbuilding” program to build alliances between Protestant and Catholic youth from Northern Ireland.
  • Made a donation to the Concord, NH hospice program in memory of Amy Phillips.
  • Donated to the Shake-A-Leg Foundation, a program for people with physical disabilities.
  • Gave a donated car to a family in need that makes frequent trips for their child from NH to a Boston hospital.
  • Provided a year’s scholarship to enable a woman from the poorest district of Managua, Nicaragua to attend elementary school along with her children in conjunction with the Compas de Nicaragua program.
  • Helped Jane Crooks of St George’s Episcopal Church paint Portsmouth, NH Crossroads Homeless Shelter’s dining area.
  • Sponsored a presentation on slavery by Francis Bok, escaped slave from Sudan, West Africa in March. Presentation was so moving that we plan to join with City Year to present a second talk by Francis in November in Portsmouth, NH.
  • Helped fund a City Year’s spring break camp for 190 NH middle schoolers held April 22-24 in Ossipee, NH.
  • Ran 4 volunteer ropes course days at BC for UNH classes to raise funds for DT.
  • Funded and built a ramp for a woman with MS as part of Christmas in April Haverhill, MA project.
  • Providing volunteers for Pacemaker camp in Duxbury, MA June 7-9 for kids with pacemakers coordinated by Lou Bergholz for Boston Children’s Hospital.
  • Provided funds to hire an additional staff member at Camp Waban summer camp in Sanford ME for children and adults with severe disabilities.
  • Sent over 150 letters in conjunction with Amnesty International on behalf of prisoners of conscience and victims of injustice, harassment, abuse and torture in countries around the world, including the US.
  • Sponsored an event in Portsmouth, NH on November 15 to raise awareness around the issue of slavery in the world. As a result of this event, we will free 50 slaves in Sudan, Africa.
  • Helped facilitate the New York City town meeting to help determine how to rebuild the twin towers area and what to have as a permanent memorial there.
  • Facilitated a “teenbuilding” program to build an alliance between youth from both sides of the conflict in Jerusalem as part of the Friends Forever program.
  • Along with Matt Drayton, led a team building session for the UNH basketball team as a DT fund raiser.
  • Ran a “teenbuilding” session to build connections between Protestant and Catholic youth from Northern Ireland as part of the Friends Forever program.
  • Helped facilitate a program for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New Hampshire’s seacoast.
  • Donated to the Stephen Siller fund for orphans in New York City. Stephen was a firefighter killed in the twin towers attack.
  • Donated to the Morgan William McDuffy Youth Violence Program. Morgan was killed in Lewiston Maine while breaking up a fight between Bates College students and local youth.
  • Helped conduct the Annual Nick Zyla Memorial Golf Tournament. This year’s tourney raised the highest amount ever for Danny’s Team.
  • Conducted the anniversary Danny’s Team bike ride fund raiser from Ogunquit Beach to Odiorne Point.
  • Arranged for a living memorial in memory of Larry Cole, a World War 2 hero who had parachuted into Normandy.
  • Created 2 power point presentations to be used to enlighten people about Danny’s Team both live and over the internet.
  • Instituted the Bull Tank, a once a month full day meeting to support Danny’s Team projects and expansion.
  • With LorI Richardson as the spearhead, we became actively involved in beginning a Danny’s Team satellite in Seattle, Washington.
  • We supported the abolishment of slavery in the world by helping set up a speaking engagement of a freed slave at the University of New Hampshire, by donating funds to the American Anti-Slavery Group to raise awareness around the issue of slavery and by arranging for the freeing of 12 slaves in Sudan, West Africa.
  • We conducted our most successful of five annual bike ride fund raisers on the seacoast of Maine and New Hampshire.
  • We donated to the Bob LeBlanc Memorial Scholarship Fund for the University of New Hampshire. LeBlanc was killed in one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11.
  • Together with Friends Forever and the Browne Center we ran teambuilding trainings for 2 groups of teens who represented both sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland.
  • We provided a 1 & 1/2 day Social Justice awareness raising program for Danny’s Team supporters and Browne Center facilitators.
  • We ran 4 challenge course Danny’s Team fund raisers for Tim Churchard’s University of New Hampshire’s classes.
  • We sent a donation to New Horizons, a Manchester, NH soup kitchen.
  • Through Amnesty International, we sent approximately 480 letters to free 30 people unfairly imprisoned in countries around the world and received word that 7 we have written for have been freed.
  • We ran one of our most successful fund raisers of ten annual Nick Zyla Memorial Golf Tournaments.
  • We led a teambuilding day for the 2002 leadership team of City Year Portsmouth, NH volunteers.
  • We helped relocate a parent and child with HIV to a new place and new school teaching position close to their extended family.
  • We supported an Appalachian trail hiker in her effort to raise funds for needed repairs and accessibility construction for the Canterbury, NH town library.
  • With Friends Forever and the Browne Center, we ran a team building program for a mixed group of Jewish and Arab teens who came to America from Jerusalem despite the current violence there.
  • We provided funding and labor to enhance the playground facilities at Camp Waban in Sanford, ME which works with children and adults with severe disabilities.
  • We provided volunteers to help out at a camp for kids with pacemakers in Massachusetts.
  • We helped “Voices From the Heart”, a Portsmouth, NH based all women’s singing group, with their scholarship campaign for their concert tour of Ireland to raise money for women’s shelters in Ireland.
  • We administered a donation from Bottomline Technologies and a grant from the Greater Piscataqua Community Foundation and provided volunteer labor to build a new yurt and composting privy at the Ev Browne Center.
  • We raised money for Danny’s Team through volunteer work at the Loudon, NH raceway.
  • We helped sponsor City Year’s Portsmouth’s Spring Break Camp for 92 campers from the New Hampshire and Maine seacoast area.
  • We administered a gift for the use of money from the Ryan Berry Fund to expand our service projects.
  • We were involved in a Danny’s Team fund raising concert performed by Craig Werth at the UNH Waysmeet Center and sponsored by pastor Larry Brickner Wood.
  • We responded to former University of New Hampshire athlete Geoffrey Boyd’s call and sponsored campers to a multi-racial inner city summer camp in Lynn, MA.
  • We supported a fund raiser to help refurbish a camp in Salem, NH for a summer youth program to be based on nature and the arts.
  • We helped a man battling cancer and with a young family to pay his bills.
  • We increased our financial support of loans to the poor in New Hampshire and in third world countries to start small businesses and improve their communities.
  • We built a ramp to make a trailer accessible for a retired woman with a disability in Concord, NH whose home furnishings consisted of a table, a chair, a couch and a bed.
  • A donation through local hero Dom Bellio to help 3 Rochester, NH families burned out in a January fire.
  • Our annual donation to support the Boston Children’s Hospital emergency unit.
  • Supported DT Maine’s 1st bike ride fund raiser with money and a rider.
  • Provided financial support for 2 DT Maine service projects. The building of a universal element at the Maine Bound Challenge Course and, a ramp for a person with a disability
  • Provided help and financial support for DT Vermont to build a ramp for a poor and disabled woman in Bristol, VT.
  • Gave a donation to support Doug Ewing handcycling in World Team Sport’s cross country “Face of America” ride.
  • Helped finance rebuilding of house trailer floor for a woman in Dover, NH who is both disabled and poor.
  • Ran another successful Nick Zyla Memorial Golf Tournament Fund Raiser.
  • Ran a “teenbuilding” program for a group from Jerusalem.
  • Gave a donation to Shake- A – Leg Foundation for the physically disabled in honor of Doug Ewing’s handcycle cross country “Ride 2 Provide.”
  • Sent a multitude of letters in support of Amnesty International’s Freedom Writers campaign.
  • Increased our financial commitment to support loans for community development in NH and in third world countries.
  • Provided a volunteer crew and funding to Portsmouth, NH Overflow Homeless Shelter.
  • Ran our Annual Bike Ride Fund Raiser.
  • Revamped our website.
  • Ran challenge course fund raisers at the Browne Center for the UNH hockey team and two of Tim Churchard’s classes.
  • Provided 3 “Teenbuilding” workshops for groups from Northern Ireland.
  • Supported building a ramp for a husband and wife with disabilities in Kingston, NH.
  • With Amnesty Int’l sent multiple letters for Prisoners of Conscience around world.
  • A team of volunteers worked regularly at Portsmouth volunteer homeless shelter.
  • A team of volunteers worked regularly at NH Foodbank in Manchester.
  • Kicked off Matt Drayton’s cross country ride for Parkinson’s Research.
  • Created and then upgraded a Danny’s Team web page.
  • With Danny’s Team Vermont, built 2 ramps for women with disabilities.
  • Helped Rick C’s team run the most successful Annual Golf Tourney ever.
  • Built a ramp for a man with Parkinson’s disease in Dover, NH.
  • Hosted 2 Teenbuilding programs for Friends Forever groups from Northern Ireland.
  • Helped produce the concert for Pam M.
  • Held our Anniversary bike ride.
  • Ran 2 Teambuilding days for a UNH sorority.
  • Built a universal challenge course element for the Browne Center.
  • Did 2 Courage presentations.
  • Made renovations with Yankee Barnraising in Somersworth for retired policeman, double amputee.

Organization & Publicity, We Have…

  • Produced 7 Annual Newsletters, 3 Videos and 3 Brochures Held well over 100 monthly board meetings.

Fundraisers & Awareness Raisers, We Have…

  • Run the 26 mile Falmouth Marathon following Danny Burke in his wheelchair.
  • Organized and completed a 2000 mile Can Am adaptive bike Trek awareness and fundraiser with Danny Burke and Leslie Washburn using adapted bikes.
  • Run 8 Nick Zyla Memorial Golf Tournaments, our most significant yearly fundraiser.
  • Arranged and completed a Skydive Fundraiser involving 34 people, including Sally Conway, Chip Barnard and Leslie Washburn who use wheelchairs, Jane who jumped as a gift for her 64th birthday, and Tim Churchard who wore a plate in his ankle for over a year afterward.
  • Designed and completed the Access Life 4000 mile Cross country bike trip in which Sandy Renfro, Rory McCarthy & Doug Ewing handcycled.
  • Run 3 Coffeehouses as entertainment, awareness and fundraisers.
  • For three years offered trees at Christmas in return for donations to Danny’s Team.
  • Given 3 Courage presentations as fundraisers.
  • Run a Teambuilding day for the entire UNH football team, 90 players and 10 coaches.
  • Completed the 10th Anniversary Bike Ride.

Fundraiser Service Projects, We Have…

  • Built a universal ropes course at UNH to provide both low and high course team building elements to people of all physical abilities.
  • Sponsored 4 universal recreation modules, SCUBA, camping and two ropes course days, for Northeast Passage.
  • Given a large grant to help Northeast Passage get off the ground; it is now a flourishing service organization promoting barrier free recreation.
  • Sponsored an economically disadvantaged student to attend an international conference.
  • Given a grant to help in the rehabilitation of a NH high school student who was brain injured in a car accident. Donated a sledge and a handcycle to Northeast Passage.
  • Purchased a wheelchair for Svetlana Miljkovic, a 12 year old Serbian girl paralyzed by a bullet during the Bosnian War.
  • Run three team building sessions and provided two scholarships to PKU camp for kids with dietary deficiencies.
  • Donated a sit-ski to the Loon Mountain adaptive ski program. Supervised adventure activities over two years at Camp Takumta in Vermont for kids with cancer and built 6 permanent challenge course elements for them.
  • Helped sponsor two handcyclers, Doug and Rory, on their World Team Sports round the world ride.
  • Donated a wheelchair swing to Camp Waban in Maine. Built a ramp and walkway for a mother and her son who has a severe physical disability.
  • Met and given a donation to support Communitas, a service organization in Manchester, Conn. that has goals similar to Danny’s Team.
  • Run two Teambuilding sessions for Arab and Jewish teens from the Israeli West Bank conflict area.
  • Built a deck and ramp for a Veteran of the Korean War who is a double amputee Sponsored & participated in a Wild Works trail maintenance project for Outdoor Explorations, a non profit organization dedicated to bringing people of all abilities together to explore and improve the natural environment.
  • Run ten Teambuilding sessions for Protestant and Catholic kids from the Northern Ireland “Troubles” area.
  • Built an external fire escape for a family with a son who has severe epilepsy.
  • Contributed toward buying a computer for a woman who has suffered a severe stroke to aid in her communication with her family.

A toast to Danny Burke and Danny’s Team—to ten years of doing good things and to the next ten, let’s do a lot more.

"Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw at it still. Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so. Aim above morality. Be not simply good--be good for something."

Henry David Thoreau